Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Dear Adeline on your 2nd Birthday

My Sweet Adeline,
It has been a wonderful two whole years of singing the old 1903 ballad "Sweet Adeline" to you.
     Sweet Adeline, (My Adeline,)
     My Adeline, (My Adeline,)
     At night, dear heart, (At night, dear heart,)
     For you I pine. (For you I pine.)
     In all my dreams, (In all my dreams,)
     Your fair face beams. (Your fair face beams.)
     You're the flower of my heart,
     Sweet Adeline.

Oh how we adore you my sweetheart.

Your BIG, HUGE smile that you freely give to everyone. I hope you continue to share it with all.

Your friendly disposition. You will run up to complete strangers with your arms open wide for a hug and absolutely no fear that you have never before seen that person. You leave people happier than when you found them. Please please continue to help people find happiness.

Your beautiful brown eyes. They melt me. Even when you are in trouble for sitting on the baby or pushing Lydia off the couch, you lock those root beer eyes with those thick black lashes and I stutter through your punishment. I hope you can always strive to see the beauty in life and how you can help create it.

Your fearless approach to trying new things. With anything food-you don't even hesitate to try new things and find you 95% of the time love them. This has trickled over to so many aspects-new games, riding a scooter, climbing in the car all by yourself-you don't shy away from new things and I hope you will look for something new to learn each day.

Your quick thinking and intellect. You are incredibly smart and gifted. It is my hope we can continue to find things that challenge you and help you learn and develop that amazing brain of yours.

Your imitation skills. You see something done once and can imitate it perfectly whether by sight or sound. I hope you will imitate goodness and spread it around like peanut butter on waffles.

Your energy and love for playing and running free. I hope you will

You are the flower of my heart my sweet, sweet Adeline.
Happy Birthday flower,


Happy Birthday Adeline!
It is amazing that two years has now gone by since you joined our family.  Sometimes it feels like we have never been without you.  You are our curly haired, brown-eyed, smiley, fun loving, little girl.  You love your sisters!  You love to take care of your baby sister, Isabelle. You love to follow Lydia around and imitate everything she does when your playing.  You say you like pink and make up because Lydia does, but I have a feeling you are going to be into sports (you already have a wicked arm).  I hope that you will always love your sisters and that you will always have them as your best friends.  You love learning and can quickly learn new things quickly.  You already know your colors, animals, and how to count to 10.  I hope that you can keep that love of learning throughout your life.  I love you so much Addie and hope that you have a great birthday!

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