Thursday, October 31, 2013

Something Wicked

Happy Halloween!!    
   Sadly, Brian had to study Halloween night, so I went out trick or treating with some of the mothers in my ward and their kids. We went to the Lake Bluff where I was shocked at how many kids were out and about. I couldn't even imagine getting that many kids at my door!! Again I felt like I was in a movie-especially Hocus Pocus or something where there are lots of kids. It was a pretty cool experience I guess :)
    Also-just a random "wake up you're no longer in Utah moment"-It was cold as we were walking around and I kept hoping we'd run into someone handing out warm cider, like we'd usually get in Utah right? Well we ran into Chicago's form of cider, aka champagne.  some houses were handing out free champagne to parents. Crazy right?

 photo Untitled-2_zps24f52b82.jpg    Luckily we still got to dress up a little bit a week before at a murder mystery party put on by the amazing Karli Piennette (best party planner EVER). I was the Governor's daughter and my beau was Brian who was a merchant sailor-wannabe. He used to be a pirate in the old days so naturally he ended up being the murderer. ha.. We all know Brian is a terrible liar.. but he fooled me and everyone else!
Somehow I was able to collect the most gold from everyone else through my amazing "ticks and bribery skills"

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Bushel and a peck


My wonderful in-laws came for a visit! We headed up to Elegant Farmer to do some apple picking!

  I'm pretty sure I ate my body weight in apples.. They were SO delicious. An apple tree is now a must have for our future home!  

Robyn (my adorable sis-in-law) is pregnant with her third child! A baby girl! So excited!

I think my dreams are now going to be about me walking in apple orchards and eating my way through the varieties. Holy Heaven!!