Friday, March 6, 2015

Marriage Journal: 4 YEARS OLD!

     Sometimes time seems to just stand still in my little world, but then I look up and 4 years have passed since we were sealed for time and all eternity. Woah! What have we been doing the last 4 years? (In no particular order) We've been...
-Adopting a Bunny-that multiplied with 9 more
-Became a True Aggie
-Taking the MCAT
-Worked in an orphanage in Mexico
-Visited Utah lots
-Invaded by squirrels 
-Lots of at-home date nights!
-Graduating from Utah State University together
-Lost my dear cousin Jared
-Getting accepted to Medical School
-Moving to Chicago
-Chopped my hair off
-Brian getting "Cloaked" in the White Coat Ceremony
-Working as a nanny to 3 different families
-Welcomed a cat into our home
-Traveled, Trips, Treats,
-Miscarried our sweet baby
-Made Family Music Videos
-Found my new love for apple picking 
-Visiting all the temples in Utah in one go!
-Did the Disney thing-twice!
-Cruised the bahamas
-Found out we were expecting!
-Said goodbye to my Grandpa Johansen
-Explored, Kayaked,
-Gave Birth to our baby girl Lydia
-Sent my brother James to Seattle to serve an LDS mission
-Blessed our baby girl
-Surrived my first night of motherhood
-Now have a 5 month old baby!

    And I could probably go on and on and on with all the things we have done in the last 4 years but this list is a fun flashback for me to glimpse through. Though the events of my life haven't gone the way I had dreamed or planned-I am happy with where we are right now, 4 years later-living in Chicago, in our 3rd year of Medical School, and holding my baby girl. Time has been good to us and helped us to grow, learn, and gain a stronger testimony of our Savior and God's plan for us. We are happy and we love right now.
    Adding more to our Marriage Journal is always fun for me-especially to talk about the next part of our lives. Here are my latest entries. I love to look back through these, even just at the pictures and be reminded of our adventures together. We have many many more to come and that excites me even more.
 photo 3 Years 6 Months_zpsbegjvn9r.jpg  photo 4 Years_zpsyz6hfiin.jpg
 photo Us in Selfies_zpspy8kflu7.jpg
 photo family_zpsnst4qjem.jpg
4 years together with 4-ever to go!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lydia at 5 Months

This girl.
 photo DSC_0017_zps32cabllx.jpg
She makes my heart happy.

Every new thing she discovers these days gets me so excited. I love seeing the world through her eyes. The wonder she feels when she hears something crinkly or touches something soft or squishy. I love watching her learn and use her 5 senses.

She loves to blow raspberries and will stick her tongue out and make the sounds all day long. Her shirt is usually soaked in slobber but she doesn't seem to mind it. If we blow some back she gets so excited and giggly and it will continue on in a little spit war. (I know, I'm teaching her great things) By the end of the day, I am usually covered in spit.
 photo Toes_zpspyijackb.jpg
    Her toes are her next fascination. I could take a daily picture of her like this. Every time she is in her bumbo now she goes for that left foot. And when she is laying on her back, those toes are tangled in her fingers.
    I guess I caused the fascination just a little bit by painting her toenails. I couldn't help it. I needed a bit of sunshine from this crazy cold.
 photo DSC_0099_zps3nm8exlc.jpg
 photo DSC_0097_zpsur9hsz4h.jpg       And once.. this happened-- she grabbed my glasses and they fell right on her face. I died laughing and of course had to snap a picture.
     Valentine's day was special this year because I had 2 Valentines! It's nice to sit back and enjoy myself this year with my two loves-last year the morning sickness was hitting about this time and so I was looking forward to not feeling like I was floating through every day of nausea. Lydia and I gave Brian one of my favorite books, "Guess How Much I love You" that we found in a fun pop-up version. Brian likes to read it to Lydia at night and it's fun to see her focus on the pictures and pop-ups. I also gave Brian some ice skates so we can get out and about in this cold!
 photo DSC_0034 VDAY_zpshin9rbvi.jpg
    I don't know if she is teething or not yet because she has always loved sucking on her fingers, but she certainly is chomping down hard on all her fingers-and ours! If we put our hands within reach, she will drag those babies into her mouth before we have time to react.
 photo DSC_0057_zpsqehzxoaw.jpg  photo DSC_0065_zpsriaehwfc.jpg
    The first thing people comment on are her large blue eyes. They are giant on her little face-especially when she is around other babies and I see normal-sized eyes, it makes me realize just how big hers are. But we love them. They are so expressive and bright. She has always seemed much more alert to me because of them.
 photo Sleeper_zpsvnxbhusj.jpg
    There have been a few times when she pulls her bow down and falls asleep this way. Baha.. It kills me. ha photo Cutie_zps4lpjtlp9.jpg  photo hair_zpslonnbvip.jpg

 photo DSC_0011_zps8qkubopc.jpg
And then of course.. I cut my hair-which has been nice due to her Lydia not pulling on it at all. And Brian tells me that I can just grow my hair back out along with Lydia growing hers. So it works! 
 photo DSC_0050 2_zpsc5xot14s.jpg
Lydia loves to look at the cat, though the cat would prefer to have nothing to do with her. As soon as the baby goes down to sleep-the cat comes out to get her "neglected" attention. Though every not and then she will come play which involves Brian letting Lydia "pet" (or grab handfuls of) Minnie's hair. Poor kitty. Don't worry, we give Minnie plenty of attention-just not as much as she used to get.
 photo DSC_0025 2_zpsdvcu7jxg.jpg  photo DSC_0054 2_zpso9muwfwd.jpg
     She loves all foods so far, and she has tried a plethora of them. We let her sample whatever we are eating-whether it is turkey, salads, toast, or even ice cream. She gladly eats anything. I always thought I would be a stickler mom when it comes to food and feeding her solids. But we have really enjoyed feeding her and she still eats like a champ (minus thrush problems), so I'm not worried. I'm hoping it will help her not to be picky as she grows because she will have tried so many different things. I guess we will see.
 photo Thrush_zpse9tw7sty.jpg        Thrush has been a battle. If you don't know what it is-it's a fungi infection in the mouth that looks like a bunch of white canker sores all over. It makes it super painful to eat and suck anything-from nursing to her binky. If it wasn't all over her mouth, it was on me and we played ping pong with it passing it back and forth all month until the doctor finally gave us stronger medicine. It is definitely clearing up now, but it hasn't been fun.
     Lydia didn't gain as much as she was supposed to this month (she dropped from 60% percentile to the 40% in one month) and so they want us to take her in bimonthly to see if she will gain any more weight once the thrush is gone.
    I can already tell a difference with the new medicine in her eating so that's excellent. She already seems much happier and is sleeping better through the night. (For a couple weeks she was getting up in the middle of the night twice to eat because she didn't seem to be getting as much during the day because it was painful to suck). But now, we see the light at the end of the tunnel!
 photo DSC_0055_zpsuf09rnra.jpg
 photo DSC_0048_zpscnph3kwq.jpg
     Everyone keeps telling us that she looks like a mini mama.. So to test that out, here is a pic of me at 5 months and one of her at 5 months. Obviously.. she didn't inherit my chubby cheeks.
 photo MamaampMe_zpstmjddmxm.jpg
     I am hoping this month doesn't fly by as fast as the last one-though if it means the sunshine will shine through and we can get out and about then maybe I'll allow her to be one month older-but only one. We love our moose! photo Lydi 5 Months_zpsijhkezdh.jpg