Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 13-17

    I've been a bit behind at posting these. Today I am officially 18 weeks (Picture yet to come)! You can see the other pages here. So far the Second Trimester has been treating me pretty well so I cant complain! The weather is finally warming up here (though it still has mood swings that may rival Utah's weather). Brian and I have been able to resume our walks and have yet to get out and play some tennis. Brian's Step 1 exam is coming up in 49 days.. not that I should be counting or anything! :) But Brian has been cracking down on studying as the realization is sinking in!

 photo week13_zps7a18f258.jpg  photo week14_zps7c9538da.jpg  photo week15_zps35926e71.jpg  photo week16_zpsfca521e0.jpg  photo week17_zps77734269.jpg

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Have You Heard?!

In case you haven't heard...

    That's right! We are having a baby this fall and we are so so SO excited! There was a time in between the miscarriage and this pregnancy that I felt my body back to normal again. I no longer "felt" pregnant. It wasn't until we were walking around Disneyland and my ankles were hurting in which Brian encouraged me to take an advil for the pain that I whispered to him, "Brian, I can't.. what if I'm pregnant?" I said it that way because that day, I had started to "feel" pregnant again. I don't know how to describe this feeling.. my body just felt.. different. At first Brian thought it was silly.. how could I be pregnant again so fast? He told me to just wait a few weeks and see. I continued to feel this way for the next couple weeks until I convinced myself I should just take a pregnancy test to be sure.. and wallah! There was the double line!
    Since then time has been a blur. I started getting really sick around week 6 and that lasted until just recently week 14. This whole experience feels so unreal sometimes, I never really thought I'd be counting time in weeks. But again we are really excited and know for a fact that the Lord is in charge. We don't know what the difference would have been between having a baby August 16 compared to September 25th, but we know the Lord knows and that is enough for us.
    Every once in a while I make a page for our marriage journal, and now I've started one for the baby. So below is my Pregnancy Journal for Baby Larson!

 photo week4_zpse981e1bb.jpg  photo week8_zps9bfb0660.jpg  photo week10_zpsb921441d.jpg  photo week12_zps7b683720.jpg

   Welp.. there are the first 4 pages, and I have a few more to post (I'm almost 16 weeks). This belly is starting to pop! Brian looked at me the other day and said, "Woah! There must really be a baby in there!" Haha

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3 Years and Counting

    Here is the newest page of our marriage journal! You can view previous pages HERE. I had to wait to post it because our news of the baby was not yet out.
    For our anniversary I was pretty sick that day which was such a bummer but oh well. We decided that we will be going on a vacation or babymoon the week after Brian takes his Step 1 exam in June to make up for me being a sicky on our anniversary.
    Anyway, the evening of March 5th (remember evening means like 4 pm to a pregnant sick lady). We made our traditional cheese fondue. We were planning on a nice walk, but the weather decided to trick us and snow some more so we stayed inside and snuggled a bit before I had to take off for mutual that night. I can't believe how great Brian has been with me being so sick. Don't get me wrong, I always knew he would take care of me but I never thought it would be this much and this well. I feel like he does everything these days to laundry and making dinner to taking care of the cat and vacuuming. It's pretty great and I couldn't ask for better!

Happy 3 years to us!!