Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ward Christmas Party: Wise Men Still Seek Him

   About 4 weeks ago I was asked along with my two counselors to be in charge of our ward Christmas party. With not much time to plan, weekly Young Women activities and lessons to plan, as well as regular work for the 3 of us.. we quickly set to work in planning.

There is just something about lights, candles, and the colors of gold and silver. It felt like we were really under the bright star that lead the Wise men to Jesus.

    The theme we chose was "Wise Men Still Seek Him" and we had the decorations be all about lights, gold, and stars. It turned out so beautiful that all the other wards asked if we would leave it up for their ward parties.

   We had a choir from a local high school sing for 20 minutes, then the primary did a still nativity and then Santa came! It was a very magical night!

   Here is a short video of the message of wise men seeking Christ today and not just in biblical times. It's very touching!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

12 Days of Christmas

Wednesday I was kind of feeling a bit down.

Our good friends Brooke and Matt McCabe were moving and I was spending the time at work, wallowing in sadness which then turned to selfishness and I thought about when Brian and I move away from this area in the near future.. and I thought "We haven't even made a difference to anyone out here, I doubt anyone would miss us" and then I sat wallowing now on this thought for the rest of the day. I pretty much threw myself a pity party for a good hour before I finally bucked up and got on with the day.

Low and behold, the Lord decided to help me feel a bit loved later when 12 mysterious packages appeared for "Anna and Brian Larson" with no note or anything of who it was from, just a paper saying "Open only one present a day." As I gazed at the packages all brightly colored, I couldn't help but feel a bit emotional. Here I was being so selfish this time of year by throwing my own private pity party earlier that day over "not feeling loved" and later I find this from some precious angels out there. It was a tender mercy to me telling me that I wasn't forgotten.. and also telling me to stop being selfish and get out and serve others as someone is clearly doing for me.

Here they are.. Whoever is doing this is very very clever! I have to admit that our two favorites are the Pairs in Pears game (kinda like Bananagrams) and the bird calls which we have already been outside trying!

    As fun as these presents are.. the real treat behind receiving them is the gift that they are bringing to us each night as we open them, the gift of love.

"At this time of Christmas, this season when gifts are given, let us not forget that God gave His Son, and His Son gave His life, that each of us might have the gift of eternal life" -Gordon B. Hinckley,