Monday, April 4, 2016

Baby #2 Pregnancy Journal

This round of pregnancy has been tougher than I remember Lydia's being.. and maybe that is just because Lydia's was so new or maybe I was just stronger with her.. Who knows. 

The first trimester with Baby #2  kicked my trash. Sometimes as I was crawling back to bed after a pretty bad throwing up session, I would wonder if it was really worth it. 

And then of course I would snap back to reality once I'd had a little bit of sleep and I was snacking on crackers and watching Lydia try to color on the walls and realize just how worth it a few months of feeling crappy is.. to be able to have another babe to love unconditionally..

And then second trimester hit and things have been a wee bit better! Since the October 2015 General Conference, I have tried to take Brother Durrant's challenge and Ponderize the scriptures more. In our study as a couple we have been reading the New Testament and during the hard point of my morning sickness, I came across John 16:21. 

This was exactly the comfort I had been needing to read and quickly had it put as my Ponderize scripture. The Ponderize App is definitely worth the $2 paid because it helps me to use it weekly and personalize the scriptures as I go.

I'm not going to lie though-I had this scripture on my phone for at least a month. Whenever I was feeling particularly sick-it helped to glance at this on my phone and remember just how worth it these little babes are.

Anyway, It's time for Baby #2's pregnancy journal! I've been slow to posting these this time just because we have so much going on these days, but who doesn't?

When I look back at Lydia's pregnancy journal I sometimes can't believe I pretty much did one every week! Having a toddler around, I will be lucky to get one at all! So I will be happy with every 2-4 weeks for now. 

Oh and did you read that last one?! We are having another girl!! We are so excited!

I have felt like we would have another girl for some time. In fact, I went as far as to call this baby a "she" and "her" and Brian would remind me that it could be a boy. So one night I started calling the baby a "he" and he was thrown off and asked why. I told him that I would truly be surprised if it was a boy and that I should get used to calling the baby a "he" just in case.

And honestly, it felt weird to call the baby a "he" when I felt differently. Don't get me wrong, I look forward to having a little Brian running around someday, but for now having two little princesses works for me.

Another highlight of having a girl for us was that we already have girl clothing in the right season (the baby and Lydia will be 23 months apart-ish). So financially (remember, we are coming out of Medical school) it would just work really well.

The way the Ultrasound Tech told us that we were having a girl was when she finally got the picture (after chasing the baby around for almost 10 minutes) she said, "Do you see that blackness there? That's your skin.. here's a leg.. and here's a sister!"

It took me a moment to realize what she said and then I turned to Brian and he had a big smile on his face. Another girl! He has a lot of hormones, emotions and estrogen to deal with now!

I just love the idea of having two little sisters so close. My own two older sisters are 20 months apart, and I worked for two families of little girls.

I remember thinking in Lydia's ultrasound almost 2 years ago that she was a little ninja in there. But this baby is like Hammy from Over the Hedge.. Serious moving all the time.. and still so early which tells me it will only get crazier in there.

And that's great. Because like I have mentioned before, with this baby I have been more nervous that ever before about losing her. I think Heavenly Father helped me to feel this baby move early and is helping this little girl to be more active so I receive pretty constant reassurance that everything will turn out just fine.

I'm happy and ready for this family of 3 to be a family of 4.