Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Through my 2 year-old's Eyes

I tried to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping today.

I thought I could make it quick but that doesn't often happen. I was kind of grumbling about how I had, had to return to a store twice because I'd been charged for two items I didn't purchase and then returned to get it sorted out which is always more of a hassle especially with two tired babies.

I had the carseat in one hand and was holding Lydia's hand with my other as we walked into one last store. I found myself half dragging Lydia and thinking "Just the one item.. that's it. Then we'll be home" and then to my dismay and frustration, Lydia let go of my hand and started running and yelling across the store "Jesus! Baby Jesus!"

I found myself chasing her down as she ran up to a life-sized nativity scene and knelt down at the porcelain bale of hay that held a delicate baby Jesus.

At first I tried to pull her away and "go get that item" but something caused me to just stop my hurry.. and watch.

I watched as Lydia touched his face and gave him a kiss right on his cheek and whispered in the sweetest voice "mine baby Jesus."

It made me start to wonder.. What is Christmas through my 2 year-old's eyes? She gets taken around from store to store, party to party, sees an old man in red that always seems to be holding kids and candy canes.. What in the world is she thinking?

For one thing.. I think that looking at Christmas through the eyes of a child makes Christmas a whole lot simpler.

To a child, Christmas is magical and Christmas is simple.

Finding scenes like this after playtime is a heart melter
They see pretty lights everywhere they go, and trees decorated in pretty colors. And though Lydia doesn't understand why she put "balls" on the tree and why they need to stay there and not be played with.. she does understand that it is beautiful.

Lately she has gotten really into "making things" for us and baby Adeline. She will color a picture and say "SEE!?" and then color some more and give it to us. I don't know if it is that we are trying to instill in her the art of sharing or what.. either way, I love it and it makes me smile as I watch her excitement to see our excitement.

She doesn't care how much a gift costs or what it looks like. And often she would much rather play with the bow on top anyway.

But it is that feeling of giving someone something that just warms a person up. And I know that everyone has different love languages, but no matter what your love language is, it just feels warm and fuzzy when you give someone you care about something and you wait to see their reaction.

A child lives in the moment. They aren't thinking about the next activity or what else needs to get done. They take in everything that is around them and I think that is where a lot of the magical feelings come from.

So it makes sense to me that as I am dragging this little girl through store after store, walking in and seeing something that is familiar is exciting. And I am reminded that even the smallest things are magical but we may often be in too big of a hurry to notice them.

Christmas really is just a whole lot simpler than we adults make it out to be.

Really though, the simplicity of Christ's birth is all in the simple and humble stable.. It's the simple act of love that changed the whole world.

I think it's important that through the hustle and bustle of our daily lives mixed with the busyness of the season that we take a moment and appreciate the simplicity of it all.

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.

We put lights up on our house which we have never had the opportunity to do before. What seemed like such a small thing to do has brought me such joy as I drive up and see our house.

Lydia loves to point out all the lights in the neighborhoods and especially if someone displays a star. We went walking around Farmington Station last week to see Santa and every lamppost had a wreath and bow attached. Lydia was so excited and kept calling them "Minnie's hats" which had us chuckling even from that simple thought.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Lydia's visit with Santa. She's never really had stranger danger so I just wasn't sure how she would respond. If you ask Lydia what Santa says she'll respond "Ho, Ho". The Santa at Farmington Station wasn't super friendly which I was pretty disappointed about. He just wasn't great with toddlers who can't really answer the question of what they want for Christmas.

Lydia just sat on his lap very shyly. Her face didn't move and nor did her body. She just held on to that candy cane and didn't want to leave Santa when it was time to hop down. As we walked away she kept repeating "ho ho" over and over.

We have a whole lot of this going on... Brian's rotation for residency has been in the ER this month. It has put his hours all over the place with many switching from night shifts to days and lots of exhaustion, but it has been nice to have him home during the day when he gets the chance and be around these darling little ladies.

And while Lydia has probably wondered why there are so many goodies in the house all of the sudden, I doubt she has cared as we all have indulged in a few delicious baking frenzies for #LIGHTtheWORLD that the church has encouraged. I have loved to get on social media and see what others are doing to be more Christlike and keep him in Christmas. I know I have felt closer to him this season by refocusing each day on His life and example.

When the snow came, I was a lot more excited about building snowmen than Lydia was. She was up for it until Mom thought it would be cool to make a family of snowmen.. You can see how well that turned out. Ever read the book "Snowmen at Night?" If not.. You should. I think our snowmen must have been sledding on the great hills by our house or something.

One of Lydia's favorite things to do is to bring the Christmas light right up to her eye.. particularly the pink lights. Watching her joy with all the wonders of this season has been one of my favorite parts of this month.

   I think right in the middle of our plans and busyness, we are often given small reminders to bring us to remembrance of what is most important. My sweet father-in-law had a heart attack this last week and had double bypass surgery just a few days ago. 
   He is doing remarkably well and we know it is because of the faith and prayers that have surrounded him and my mother-in-law at this time. 
   With Christmas less than a week away, it really put into perspective our priorities. While gifts, lights, baking treats, decorations, Santa, etc are exciting and may seem important at the time-what is most important are our friends and family and our Savior Jesus Christ. How blessed we are to celebrate him this time of year. 

       When we took the kids to visit Craig in the hospital, Lydia kept saying "Grapa owie" over and over. She wanted him to hold her, but didn't understand all the cords and tubes. We made a sign for him to hang in his room that had a picture of all his kids and grandkids holding a letter that spelled out "WE LOVE GRANDPA LARSON!" We just love this man so much. How happy we are to be blessed by such a wonderful man. Give an extra squeeze to your loved ones and an extra kiss to your kiddos. It's worth it. 

May we all count our blessings this Christmas season and strive to embrace the simplicity of the season. As we hold our dear ones near and open our eyes to see from the eyes of a child may it bring a little more faith and happiness as 2016 comes to a close.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Good Mom Moments

The subject of "mom-guilt" has been on my mind a lot lately. It could do with my battle with breastfeeding that leaves it fresh in my mind, but it also could be the tendency many of us have to be really hard on ourselves.

We often think that because we are a mom we should be able to do everything and when we fall short we think there is something wrong with us.

Even as I write this my mind is swirling with all the things I did wrong today and the things I didn't get done.

I could write lists of incidents like when I put Lydia in time out for sticking her finger in my chapstick tube and smearing it on her toys but then realizing that she was simply trying to put ointment on their "boo-boos" like we did to hers when she scraped her knee. And the mom guilt starts to seep in.. "Geez Anna, she was just being caring to others."  

Or when I was working out this morning and trying to beat my current planking record and Lydia came and climbed on me and I couldn't hold the weight and crumbled. My first response was a "Lydia no!" And then the mom guilt crept in.. "She was only trying to play with me" And it's a cycle over and over..

We can always be more organized or more cheerful or more clean or more on top of things. No one expects us to be perfect but ourselves.

So.. I'm not going to focus on my list of "bad monster mom moments" and instead here is my list of ways that I have been a good mom lately.
  • I bundled the girls up and took them on a short walk before bed to look at the Christmas lights in my neighborhood
  • I let Lydia stay up past bedtime because we were enjoying reading her pop-up books
  • Lydia got to watch an extra show as I cleaned the kitchen.
  • I made pancakes for breakfast
  • I danced around the family room with both girls in my arms to "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" 3 times
  • I have a cinnamon apple candle burning and my house smells delicious
  • We finger-painted pictures and thankful trees
  • I got around to hanging some pictures on the walls
  • I found some new names on family search to take to the temple
  • I got up with each girl twice last night for a total of 6 interrupted hours of sleep
  • I did laundry after being a week behind
  • I wrote in my journal of special moments with the girls and the funny things Lydia has been saying lately
  • I took a bath with Lydia and we played til the water got cold
  • I pulled Adeline in bed with me and took a nap with her
  • I had tickle and kissing wars with both girls until Adeline had a blow out all over her blanket
Writing that list started out really hard. I sat for a good 10 minutes just staring at my hands or at the big pine tree in my backyard. But toward the end I kind of got excited to write down some of the ways I have been a good mom.

I'm not all bad I guess. 

And neither are any of the women in my life who allow love to be the underlying reason for their actions. 

I think we should all take a step back every now and then and write down the things we are doing right and not focus so much on the wrong.

And some exciting news? Adeline is 3 months and is SUCH a happy girl. I honestly was worried she would be a harder baby due to her acid reflux but man was I wrong. 

Maybe it's because she is the second child and it forces her to be chill because she can't have all the attention or maybe it's because Lydia is there to watch and entertain her. Either way, she is happy to sit in her swing or in our arms and just watch with those big gray eyes (thinking they'll be hazel).

Adeline sleeps 12-14 hours at night with 2 feedings in there somewhere. She still sounds like a little piggy when she breathes and eats and I find myself speaking to her through snorts back. When she lies on her back she will kick her legs to scoot herself around and will get stuck in super awkward places. She is 14 lbs and is my little stiff chunk because she has the best thigh rolls and she still stiffens her body and planks it everywhere. 

Another good mom moment? I love these journals. I know I've said it before, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to look back on all these and for my girls to have them as they grow and see what life was like in their first year of life and how much they are loved.

I guess I just need to give myself a break. We are are worst critic right? 

Take a moment to tell yourself something YOU are good at and smile about it. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Battling Breastfeeding.. again

How do I even begin to write down how I have been feeling lately?

I could write down lost or failure or quitter or maybe I should just add them all together and that would sum it up..

Or maybe a short story:

Once upon a time there was a mom who thought she had it all together. With her first baby she produced milk galore in the first 5 months and she felt like a champion.. and then her baby got thrush which started the 2 month battle of passing it back and forth until her milk dried up and she had to let go of her list of expectations of what it meant to be a "good" mom. Just because she couldn't breastfeed anymore didn't mean she loved her baby less.

But then 2 years passed and she forgot about the lessons she had learned the hard way and baby #2 came.

She had every intention to breastfeed and make it longer than she had with her first. But something was different this time and it just wasn't as easy as she had thought it would be the second time around.

Instead the battle resumed in full force.

And here I am again.. currently trying to let go of my list of what it means to be a "good" mom. This list always seems to weave itself in my head whether I want it to or not. I find myself adding things to the list as I read articles online or scan Pinterest or compare myself to my fellow moms through Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes I catch myself doing this and stomp it out.. other times. I let it get to me.

Near the top of that list is breastfeeding.. That boat set and sailed off with Lydia at 7 months but I was determined to make it to at least 6 months this time, if not beat Lydia's feeding record. Make it at least until 6 months.. Like biting into a piece of cake, right?

Nope. More like biting into a rock. Ouch.

So my new story is this---Due to my postpartum hemorrhaging it took longer for my milk to come in and when it did, I just never felt full.

I remember when my milk came in with Lydia.. All the sudden I was full and I was going to fall over because my chest felt so heavy. I had a large milk supply and was able to save months worth.

I expected a similar feeling with my second baby but that didn't happen. I never "felt" my milk come in. I just kept feeding her and then as she started to drink longer I thought, "Well, I guess my milk came in finally." And life went on.

But it got harder. Adeline never had as strong of a latch as Lydia. I definitely had to work for it, but when she did.. she would latch firm and wanted more and more. I just never felt like I had much milk and so I felt like I was just constantly feeding Adeline. I felt like I stayed in the same place all day.. And nights were even worse.. She just wanted to eat and eat and eat! I even tried the co-sleeping and feeding thing just so I could catch a little bit of sleep.

When I talked to the doctor about it he told me that as long as Adeline was gaining weight then I should just keep doing what I was doing.

This response frustrated me because I knew that I couldn't keep doing what I was doing.. how many episodes of Care Bears or Curious George could Lydia watch before I was considered a "bad mom" on my list? To be honest.. she'd already watched too much as I tried to figure this feeding round 2 out. It was the only way that I could focus on Adeline and try and get her to latch and not have Lydia running around trying to hold or jump on the baby or feed her goldfish crackers.

I was so focused on Adeline's latch and trying to feed her that I didn't notice the cracked and dry nipples and the pain that started to intensify. I was focused on how Adeline would cry before, during, and after feedings and her latch was getting worse. Brian finally was the one to point out we had another problem. Thrush.

Nooooooooo!!! [insert loud groan here]

The dreaded thrush was back... even after trying to avoid it in all the ways I could think of and read about.

And we were back at the Doctor's office where I told him that I was losing my milk and needed something to work the first time. I didn't want another 2 month battle with this.

He told me we had to try Nystatin first because even if it didn't work with Lydia it might with Adeline. I left the office feeling sick but determined to make this work. I couldn't lose my milk...

But now after 2 weeks since that appointment and having done the 10 days of Nystatin diligently and trying my hardest to make sure it was working.. thrush has not disappeared.

But my milk has.

And it's consuming me. My every waking moment is spent in "How can I save my milk?" and "What more can I do?" and the fear that my milk is drying up completely.

Because it already is. My right side is completely empty. There is nothing left.

Right now I am getting away with a night feeding and a day feeding.. and as much "snacks" as I can get in with supplementing after.

Even as I write that my eyes fill with tears because it feels like such an ultimatum. If I let that last feeding dry up that's it.. that is the end. Addie will never have this again from me.

I know that breastmilk is not everything. I know that this is not life and death. And how grateful I am to live where I can go to the store and buy formula.

But I did have high hopes and when they come crashing down it hurts.

In the hospital when I gave birth to Adeline, I asked for a binky for Adeline to suck on and I got a big mouthful from some of the nurses saying how they promote "breast is best" and having a binky that soon wasn't protocol. That's how the rest of my hospital stay was.. I honestly felt like I was being congratulated for breastfeeding my baby and that the 2 oz bottle of formula my baby was fed while I was recovering from the birth was awful of me to make them give her. "How could I have done that?" they all seemed to say.

I left feeling even more determined to breastfeed and not let myself fail.

So when things went downhill.. those feelings of failure have engulfed me a bit. Those things that were repeated over and over and over keep coming back to me as I struggle. "Breastmilk is the best thing for your baby," "drink more water!" "nipple stimulation" "keep up on your vitamins" "Fenugreek" and "offer both sides" and lots and lots of oatmeal, salmon, spinach and carrots.

The worst thing when your supply is low is to supplement with formula.. but my baby was not getting enough and I was honestly sitting in the same spot all day trying to nurse her.. which is practically impossible with a toddler. Lydia watched TV all day long on those days in the beginning and that only made me feel like a worse mom.

And so after crying to my husband on far too many occasions.. I called my mom.

It is so true that you learn to appreciate your parents more and more the older you get. My mom is a wise woman and is often inspired to say just what I needed to hear.

She told me that breastfeeding does not mean I am a better mom and nor does formula feeding. It isn't a test of motherhood and I shouldn't feel guilty for nourishing my child with formula.

Sometimes there are factors outside of your control no matter how motivated or how hard you try.

I have done my best and that is enough. She said if I want a stronger bond with my baby then feed her the bottle by holding her and not propping it up on something. I should stop what I'm doing to do so.. just like I would have had to do if I were breastfeeding. I should look my baby in the eyes and chat to her like I do when I breastfeed. And turn off the distractions like the tv and phone so I can give her my whole attention.

I am not lost. I am not a failure. And I didn't quit. I need to kick those feelings out. These are just Satan's lies to get me to doubt myself and my abilities.

Even with my few feedings my current goal is to make it to 3 months and if I make it there then I might aim for the end of the year. But I can't let myself be angry if it doesn't work out.

I truly am grateful for record keeping. Seriously.. reflecting back on life lessons help me so much in learning today's lessons.

I wrote this journal entry of my first breastfeeding battle and the 4 things that we all should remember with formula vs breastfeeding. To summarize my own thoughts in two sentences: Don't judge others because the way you feed your baby is your business. Nurturing is more than milk and you know what is best for your baby.

I gotta kick my "perfect mom list" away and focus more on loving my children deeply. I need to base my decisions on love and not so much on being perfect.

It's okay to feel sad that things haven't worked out how I wanted them to but I also need to learn to accept that I am still a good mom who loves her baby and just wants what is best for the both of us.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Adeline Baby Journal

This child is growing like dandelions on a windy day in my yard.. If I were to post a picture of my yard this analogy would be complete. 

Life with 2 kiddos has been challenging but so heart warming and special. One of my worries about having another child was the fear if I would love her enough. My heart was already so full of love for Brian and for Lydia.. could it expand any more for another human and hold as much love as I already felt?

The answer to that is yes. My "Grinch" heart has grown in size and my love for this new darling spirit is unfathomable. Some people are not "newborn" people and enjoy kids the very most when they are a little older like sitting up or talking or the wild getting-into-everything stage. Having a newborn again has made me realize that I may just be a newborn person. I love how little they are and how they snuggle up next to you. I love to work to get a smile out and I love LOVE the smell of new babies. Though getting up at nights is tough, man it is holding that baby worth it. 

I just love this little girl so much. And I love these two little girls so much.. And I love their love for each other.

Kids come with their own personalities.. that is for sure. While Lydia has always been a wild child going 100 miles per hour.. Adeline is much more content. Lydia was not a snuggle bug at all and just wanted to be on the go.. and Adeline just wants to be held ALL THE TIME.

One thing I really do love about her growing is having this personality of hers poke through even more!

To cut Addie's hair wasn't a debate like I had, had with Lydia. My kids loose their hair around the time the baby acne hits and they are left with the old man half-bald look. I waited til 3 or so months to finally buzz Lydia. This time I just did it. Lydia's had grown in thicker and much more even and already I can tell the same for Adeline.

But this little ball of fluff is so soft.. and that is what it feels like.. like a really soft feather and is extremely fine.

Lydia's favorite thing to do right now is have the baby on her back. It sure makes for a cute picture. They are such beauties and boy do they look alike! Can you tell they are sisters?!

I do get the question pretty often of "do I think Lydia and Adeline look alike" and my answer is yes! They look an awful lot like me but have their daddy's eyes. Sometimes as I am feeding Addie I'll look down and feel like I'm looking at a baby picture of myself. Totally a weird feeling to have little minis!

Adeline is very strong for her age.. Lydia was too and started rolling at only a month old, but Addie beats her in her endurance. It may just be that Addie's acid reflux causes her to be stiff all the time, but she is always trying to stand and has been able to hold her head up since day one.

Lydia continues to love pretty hard on Adeline. I have started to wonder if she'll ever get bored of her sister because there is no sign of that happening anytime soon.

Here is the start of Adeline's baby journal.. I love doing these and seeing how much they change and grow. I think all too often that I'll totally be able to remember the little things she does at different ages, but I know that isn't true. Already I try to remember what age Lydia started doing what.. for example "cooing" and I have to go back and find where I wrote it down. I am so grateful for journals and records and need to do better at writing it all down so I can remember these precious moments!

This is to show Adeline's eyes.. I don't think she's going to be a blue-eyed girl! Her eyes and coloring are much darker. Right now her big eyes are leaning toward hazel like Brian's.

Adeline at 2 months is currently 12 lbs which puts her around 70% percentile for height and she is 23 inches which is 96th percentile for height. I have really tall babies (Lydia was also this way).

One of my favorite things about Adeline is when she smiles she gets so excited that she throws her arms up and her tongue instantly covers her smile... and her eyes get these little wrinkles in the corners like her daddy's...

I also love how much she loves baths. I remember wanting Lydia to love them so bad but she never did and still struggles at times with wanting to take them (Thank goodness for bubbles and bath crayons.. they are the best at helping her want to take them).

Adeline can sit in a bath until it is no longer even warm or lukewarm and she cries when I take her out.

It feels like we have always had this little pug in our lives. (Yes... her nickname is pug due to her constant snorting and snoring). It seems like we just woke up and she was in our lives and it just felt so natural that we never questioned it.

I like it that way.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Marriage Journal Update

It's been a while since I've posted the update of our marriage journal. Along with the pregnancy, and baby journals, I've loved making these along the way.

I'm a big believer in journals. Even though I am far from perfect about writing in mine, I like to find creative ways to document our lives from big to small. This is part of why I blog.

President Henry B Eyring gave a talk years ago that has always hit home with me. The talk is titled "O Remember, Remember" and in it he tells of a story where he returns home late one evening to find his father-in-law rushing out the door after helping his family and hears in his mind very clearly the words, "I'm not giving you these experiences for yourself. Write them down."

He goes on to explain that we are to make a record (a journal of some sort) for our children to read and see how Heavenly Father blesses each and every one of our lives daily. Since this talk given 9 years ago now I have tried harder to keep a record of our lives and our blessings.

I kept a pregnancy journal for both Lydia and Adeline. And a baby journal for Lydia and have started Adeline's. Having one for our marriage is special to me as well, especially as we look back to see how much we have changed and matured!


I'm not one to sugarcoat my life.. and truth be told marriage is hard... amazing and worth it, but hard. Year 5 has been a rough year with so many changes and with residency kicking us in the face but I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am to have memories to reflect on as well as a journal of all of the great moments to drown out the hard ones of this year. I'm grateful. 

And that feeling of gratitude is what I'm going to choose to focus on.

Monday, October 31, 2016

"Reely" fishy Halloween

Halloween rocked this year. It was such a fun-filled day. And the cool part is, Brian got to spend the morning with us. It's always special when he has some time to be with us.. And he sure caught himself some "reely" cute fish to spend it with. 

(PS-if you notice.. Brian's costume is the same from two years ago when he was a bug catcher.. he's not much into dressing up so.. Usually a hat and prop is the way to go)

This picture almost had me rolling on the ground laughing..Where's Adeline? Halloween really was a blast and I have a feeling it will only get better from here as Lydia starts to understand more and more.

We went to Gardner Village for the Witchfest and did Six Hags. We swam in corn kernels and played in a haymaze and they had a super cute petting zoo that she adored.. even when she got nipped by the horse. I'm pretty sure it was Disneyland to Lydia. She could have stayed there all day. She also got to ride a pony... and it is a good thing her pony was so well-behaved because her loud laughing the WHOLE time would have spooked most horses. It was adorable. Too bad she can't get a pony for Christmas... ha

Kaitlyn was our neighbor in Chicago.. our doors were seriously about 4 feet apart.. We became instant friends which is such a blessing to find when you're away from family.. especially when the person is your next door neighbor.. close enough that she could hear Lydia singing in the tub at night through the wall! It was a blast to have her come visit as well.

Debbie and Lydia have a very special relationship.. Debbie's husband Brett passed away a few months before Lydia was born. Lydia took immediately to Debbie and it often seemed as if Lydia already knew Debbie. I always had a very strong impression that Debbie's husband Brett had sat Lydia down up there and told her to take good care of Debbie while they were apart. Lydia loves and adores Debbie and I think it is safe to say Debbie feels the same. They share a very very special bond.


The llama wanted a selfie.. so I had to oblige. 

That smile says it all... like I said. This was probably how Disneyland would rate to this girl.

This is how Lydia feels anytime she gets to hold the baby... and while it is super duper adorable.. it also scares me and has me on edge ready to save Adeline from Lydia's sudden movements (I'm talking about the times when Lydia will push her to land on her face or try and carry her in a choke hold, or "hand" her a toy and end up giving her a goose egg on her head... those kind of sudden movements).

I truly hope Lydia always loves her little sister as much as her face shows in these pictures. I can just stop worrying when Addie can defend herself a wee bit better.

Lydia is obsessed with airplanes or "kites" as she insists on calling them. She reminds me of the dogs from the movie Up. When they see a squirrel they stop mid-sentence or whatever they are doing and say.. "SQUIRREL!" Lydia does the same thing with airplanes.. "KITE!" or "AIRPANE!" Don't believe me? Watch her video I did for her second birthday. I didn't even put in how many times she got distracted by an airplane flying overhead.

I'm pretty sure Adeline wondered why I woke her up to stick her in this big poofy thing... but it kept her really warm so that was worth it. And she makes an extremely adorable fish if I might add..

Lydia was surrounded by quite the crew for Trick-or-Treating.. and I'm that really cool person that made them all wear a costume (which turned into a hat of some sort).

With Debbie and Kaitlyn  in town they were able to catch Adeline's blessing and spend Halloween with us which made Halloween a real treat. Brian's mom Laurie joined us for some quick trick-or-treating. Brian sadly had to work.. He started night shift for the next couple weeks.. Ugh.. don't get me started on that... ANYWAY.... 


Trick or treating was adorable.. like melt my heart can we do this forever kind of adorable. We practiced her saying trick or treat before we went and hearing her darling little voice say that was enough to make anyone dump all their treats into her little pumpkin container.

But when we actually went to the door and she saw the candy people where just giving away.. She would say... "P-p-please?" and that put her trick-or-treating cuteness up a notch. SO STINKING CUTE! Especially as she'd wave goodbye and say "Tank Ooou!" and blowing kisses. My mommy heart was bursting.

Trick or treating crew! If I were to somehow tie in all our costumes I would say that Kaitlyn is the magician with a magic mouse (Debbie) that comes out of her hat because the bunny was on vacation. Me and the babies are the fish in the magician's fish tank in her office where the evil assistant magician Laurie is trying to steal Kaitlyn's hard earned money....

Okay.. that was a stretch.

Happy Halloween from our tank to yours!