Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dear Lydia on your 2nd Birthday

Dear Lydia,

My first memory of you happened before I ever saw your cute squished face for the first time when you were placed in my arms at the hospital. I felt you first. I felt those first little wiggles even before the doctor told me I would.

And even though you've already forgotten a lot from your first two years of life, I remember quite a lot.

I remember what it was like to just stare at you sleeping in your crib, or hold your whole little body against my chest and count your breaths at you dreamed.

I remember when you gave me your first real smile.. and your first giggle when I blew on your neck. The first time you tried oatmeal and the scream you gave me when you first tried a pickle. I remember when you walked all by yourself and I realized my baby was turning into a toddler.

The first time I could actually stick all your hair in a pony tail and I leaped for joy that your hair was finally long enough. Your love for books, dogs, and cheese happened and since we have added so many more "loves" to your list.

When you were happy you wanted to play with Dad, when you were sad you wanted to snuggle with mom. You know we love you and we can feel your unconditional love for us back.

Want to know a secret? Even on the days when I looked forward to cleaning up the last cheerio and putting you down for bed, I would miss you as I turned off the light and shut the door.

I know that today you'll eat the first half of breakfast like a champ, and the second half will end up in your bib or drawn on the wall as you get bored of eating. I know you'll ask to go "nigh nigh" at least twice before it is really time for you to go down for a nap. I know you'll probably want a treat and ask "peas" in your cutest little voice and when you messily devour the raisins or animal crackers that I feed you, you'll want more and throw a fit when I say no.

What I also know is that you will accomplish great things and find so much joy in life. I have to push my little bit of sadness aside and embrace the part of me that is thrilled by your growth and development.

I hope you will always continue to wonder and learn. I love when you constantly ask "What's that?"

I hope you continue to exclaim "wow" when you witness something awe inspiring.

I hope your love for nature and exploring never dies and that you will continue to love the outdoors.

I hope you will always be proud of your body and the miracle that it is--pointing out your beautiful belly and face and loving to see your reflection in the mirror. You are beautiful.

Never stop saying "hi" to everyone-even strangers. Your friendliness can and will brighten other's days.

Continue to be brave and try new things. And try again if you fail.

Always share and be polite. And love with that very big heart of yours.

I hope you know that you were born into a family who loves you and wants what is best for you. You have a Heavenly Father who is cheering you on and always there for you. I hope you will continue to see the good and happy things in life.

Thanks for helping me be a better mommy every day.

    ]  Mommy

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  1. Wow that makes me cry, I feel your love for your precious daughter! Your words describe such deep tenderness and emotion. Thank you for sharing your writing talent and your love for that sweet spirited little girl.


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