Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pregnancy Journal Weeks 22-29

    July is here! We are down to less that 3 months before this baby girl comes. I've been really behind in posting because Brian and I both caught a really nasty cold and kept passing it back and forth, back and forth to each other. So after 4 weeks, I finally feel back to normal! Here is the latest Pregnancy Journal Updates.

 photo week22_zps3c0fc365.jpg  photo week23_zpsb5a0ba4d.jpg  photo week24_zps26b55053.jpg  photo week25_zpse2bfd825.jpg  photo week26_zpsf644cae0.jpg  photo week27_zps723aece6.jpg  photo week28_zpsf4e12faf.jpg  photo week29_zpsb6d279d6.jpg
    As you can see this bump is out and getting bigger! Weight gain for me has been really odd. It hasn't been steady at all. All pregnancy I will gain a lot of weight at one time and then nothing for a few weeks and then it just cycles. I just didn't expect that at all; everyone is different I guess.
   I have really loved pregnancy so far. Who knows if I will say that with all our future children, but this has been such an amazing experience. It is so new and exciting that even the "tough stuff" isn't all that bad. I have no doubt that there is a God above who loves us. I truly feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to raise one of God's little spirits. This just wouldn't be possible without a loving Heavenly Father. I am sure of that.