Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lydi at 2 Months

    Time really does fly when you are having fun. I am having a hard time believing that Lydia is 2 months old already. She is growing SO fast! Sometimes when I go get her in the mornings I feel like I just missed 12 hours of watching her grow because she already looks different! photo Lydi2months_zps7428e746.jpg
    We had the chance 2 weeks ago to give Lydia her first haircut. She looked like she had a Jewish yarmulke for a while because she had lost all her hair except for the top part of the back of her head. It even made her look like a little Indian sometimes because her hair would stick straight up like feathers!
    Lydia got extremely.. and I mean.. terrible.. acne a few weeks back and I am so happy to say that it has all cleared up! We were worried for a little bit that it would scar or something because I had never seen baby acne as bad as she had it. We are so happy that it is cleared!

 photo indianhead_zps197b5459.jpg
   When Brian is home.. our mornings end up going something like this. Just lots of snuggling and trying to get this moose to giggle. It's our favorite!
 photo DSC_00951_zps69600efb.jpg
 photo DSC_0022_zpscfcf53dd.jpg
 photo DSC_00211_zpsbd4aadb2.jpg
And in the evenings, when Brian gets home it is definitely more snuggles and story time. And of course, Minnie has to join in as well. Ha!
 photo DSC_0098_zpsac677161.jpg
Aunt Sarah bought Lydia a Bumbo and she LOVES it! She wants to just be involved in everything and look around at everything! Look at those big eyes!! :) 
 photo DSC_0077_zps6ac6b5fd.jpg
 photo DSC_0057_zps97e828aa.jpg
We put up the Christmas decorations! Though we won't be here long to enjoy them, we couldn't help but get them out and break out the Christmas music!
 photo DSC_0012_zps66b8bc57.jpg
Even Lydia helped decorate! 
 photo DSC_0017_zps9e4398b9.jpg
 photo DSC_0029_zps1379068d.jpg
 photo DSC_0027_zpsef2d3b0e.jpg
Welcome Christmas!!!!
 photo DSC_0010_zps91d8bb0f.jpg

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Butterflies, Caterpillars.. Oh My!

    Meet the Bug Catcher catching his butterfly and caterpillar (though Brian likes to think he was a Entomologist (insect studier) because it sounds cooler). To get Brian to dress up is no joke.. so we went cheap and simple this year. No trick-or-treating for us this year though I really wanted to. It was freezing and crazy windy here in Chicago.

 So we had a party at our friend's house! Don't you love our dead guy filled with food? Pretty appropriate for medical school ha. Our friend Jess did an awesome job with decorating-including her creepy "family" pictures all over her house ha.

   We had a great night of food, games, and great friends. I wish I would have gotten pictures of everyone's costumes because they were pretty awesome!

    Last week we took Lydia to her "official" first outing to the ward Chili Cook-Off. She loved it! Aka she slept the whole time haha. It was pretty terrific! I love my little family! Happy Halloween!!