Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ward Christmas Party: Wise Men Still Seek Him

   About 4 weeks ago I was asked along with my two counselors to be in charge of our ward Christmas party. With not much time to plan, weekly Young Women activities and lessons to plan, as well as regular work for the 3 of us.. we quickly set to work in planning.

There is just something about lights, candles, and the colors of gold and silver. It felt like we were really under the bright star that lead the Wise men to Jesus.

    The theme we chose was "Wise Men Still Seek Him" and we had the decorations be all about lights, gold, and stars. It turned out so beautiful that all the other wards asked if we would leave it up for their ward parties.

   We had a choir from a local high school sing for 20 minutes, then the primary did a still nativity and then Santa came! It was a very magical night!

   Here is a short video of the message of wise men seeking Christ today and not just in biblical times. It's very touching!

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  1. Where did you have your vinyl printed for Wise Men Still Seek Him?


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