Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Touring residencies and freaking out...

Want to know what the heck we are thinking right now?

What Brian is thinking: A lot of these interviews are very similar. Maybe I should cancel some of them. Why did I apply to so many? Lots of traveling and being fed.  4th year is so easy. I feel so lazy not studying all the time. I am ready to be training already.

What Lydia's thinking: Wow! Oooh! Look toys! Doggies and Kitties! I want Cheerios and grapes! Catch me if you can!

What Anna is thinking: Oh no, Brian likes Ohio.. I guess it is cheaper there and we could take a trip to Niagara Falls or go see the Palmyra Pageant. But it's 6 hours to the EAST of our home in Chicago making it 27 hours away from Utah.. Not exactly what I would call driving distance. And then there is California which would be so much fun to experience and a little bit closer to family.. a day's drive isn't too terrible. But it is SO expensive... could we even find a place to live? We'd be close to Brian's little sister and family which would be nice. But next is Arizona which would be a completely different climate for me. We'd again be within driving distance of Utah as well as 2 hours near Brian's oldest brother which again would be awesome... And what about Texas? Brian wants to cancel his interview there but I would much rather go there than Ohio and I hear it is a great family-friendly area to live. And of course there is Utah where family is and that is ideal, but I don't want to get my hopes up. And what if we end up in Utah and become just another Mormon? It has been so great to experience the church outside of Utah and feel like we are truly contributing to the building up of the Kingdom. It has been the mission I was never able to go on. Of course we can do the Lord's work anywhere we go I just pray we go where we are needed. And what about all the other places he has interviewed and I'm not even thinking about them? What if we go there and it is so unexpected? What if we were to stay in Chicago? What if, what if... WHAT IF?!

Can you tell who the person that is freaking out the most?

It is so hard for me not to think about the next few months. Especially when it is all anyone talks about? "Hi, Good to see you. What are you guys doing? When will you know where you are going? And when will you move?"

Now that it is finally drawing nearer, I find myself wanting to hold on to every part of our life in Chicago. I know we will miss it there-the area, the experiences, and the friends that have become our family these past 3 and a half years.

As Brian has been off interviewing around the country it has given me a lot of time to mull things over.. and I have decided I truly want to be done thinking and ready to have more trust and faith. This is what our prayers have come to.. Instead of praying for where we want to go, it is asking for us to be sent where we are needed and where will help us grow and learn the most.

I know now that we were needed in Chicago-for Brian's learning but also for our spiritual growth and opportunity to serve others and be served in return.

I pray for the spirit to confirm that where we are matched is where we are needed. Now to anxiously wait until the end of March..

Brian hiking in Arizona on an interview at Mayo Clinic