Thursday, March 16, 2017


I tend to count time by how old Adeline is. And we moved into our house the week she was born so it is interesting to think that we have lived in this home for 6 months already, but it is much much MORE interesting to think that it was ONLY 6 months ago and this little beauty entered our home and hearts.

I'm pretty sure most parents say the usual hashtags at times like these... #timeslowdown #stopgrowing #wherehasthetimegone etc and to be honest, I feel like echoing them! How often as a child do I remember sitting in my 4th grade class of Mr. Reese and look out the window at the snow and feel like time had just stopped and it was taking FOREVER for the snow to melt and for school to be over. And now it feels the opposite. While the snow has mostly gone (if Utah's weather makes up its mind) it feels like it wasn't that long ago that I held my little 2 month old in my arms as the first snow fell and we decorated for the holidays.

Now, I hold my 6 month old and look out the window to see the grass beginning to stretch and grow and watch the rain fall outside while my 2 year old begs to go jump in the puddles.

My growing baby journal is a reminder of my growing baby and I have to force the nostalgia away and embrace it all with love. I truly love these little girls.

I tried and failed to get the same angle of this shot. I was too lazy to look it up and compare.. So this will have to do. This is me at 5 months, Addie at 5 months, and Lydi at 5 months. You can definitely tell they are my kids.. but what you can't tell is that besides the amazing double chin that I've got, Adeline is a spitting image of me. (And her eyes are more round).

I hear all the time about how much Adeline looks like me. It is funny how when Lydia came along we felt like she looked exactly like me, and now when I look at her, I think she is more of a mix, while Adeline often looks like my baby pictures. It weirds me out sometimes because I look down at her and have the thought what it would be like to have held myself!?

The joke these days is that Adeline is my look-alike and Lydia's spitfire personality is my act-alike. I feel bad for Brian to have to deal with me that many more times ha.

On another note.. Lydia's look-alike is not even in our family.. and we get it all the time whereever we go..

She's a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen twin.. or triplet. Like 30 years too late.

And yes.. I coudn't help myself on posting 4 of these.. had to try a few different angles ha.

So... there you have it.

And now.. while we took cute pics of Addie for being 6 months, we also snapped a few of us for being married for 6 years! Another page down in the marriage journal!

I planned to crop us out of the living room at the time.. but now as I look at it, it seems silly. This is exactly where we are in our 6 years of marriage.. baby toys and all.

There are a lot of 6's this year.. (I even turn 26 in 6 months and Brian turns an upside down 6 and turns 29 in August.. I know, I'm pushing my limit here haha).

Here's to the number 6!

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