Sunday, April 16, 2017

Because of Him

I love this picture.

It captures a few things that are pretty important to me.

See those two little girls?

The blonde hair, blue-eyed one who insists on carrying a backpack or purse all the time and who hates socks (as shown by one on and one off). She had a heyday with the Easter egg hunts and kept opening everyone else's eggs, downing the contents, putting it back together and placing it back in its hiding spot. Sorry family if you had any empty eggs in your color. You can blame her.

And see the other little beauty? The one with huge hazel eyes and a squishy face who is wondering if the camera is edible? That little pug just wanted to crawl around and find out what things she could eat.

Then there's that tall handsome man on the side.. who is just happy to be home and finally be able to go to church as a family only to find he felt so exhausted that he struggled staying awake.. but even then, he was there. He was able to partake of the sacrament that so many of us take for granted. And what makes this picture even more special is that he wanted to take it.

Lastly there is a very special person on the left side behind Adeline's head.. Our Savior. It is Him that we celebrate this day. It is His life that we commemorate and His glorious resurrection that we rejoice in. Because of him, I have this forever family. Because of Him, I too will be resurrected with those I love. Because of Him, my life has meaning.

And so does this picture.

.. and this one

Happy Easter. May we rejoice in our friends, family, and Savior each and every day.

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